Prince William County Public Hearing: Ray’s Regarde Residential Development Application

Tuesday, November 20, 7:30pm / McCoart Administration Center

An application has been submitted to Prince William County to rezone 55 acres of land on Horner Road, near Prince William Parkway and Interstate 95 (Marumsco Village) in Woodbridge, Virginia. The application requests the Board of County Supervisors allow for the construction of 325 townhomes and multi-family units. The matter will be considered at a public hearing on Tuesday, November 20, at 7:30pm.

This development will have a significant negative impact on our community. Below, Supervisor Frank Principi describes impacts and how residents may participate in the public hearing.

Schools: Kilby Elementary, Lynn Middle, and Woodbridge High School will all be overcrowded (and three new trailers will be required at Kilby). Six other Woodbridge elementary schools will also be impacted significantly, e.g., Potomac View Elementary will be 136% above capacity.
If the application is approved, Kilby Elementary (114%), Lynn Middle School (104%) and Woodbridge High School (111%) will all be overcrowded within 5 years (prior to the full build-out of this new development). Kilby Elementary was rebuilt and reopened last year to double its program capacity, at a taxpayer expense of $31 million.
There are no ready solutions to the overcrowded classrooms and increase in the use of school trailers this development will cause. While the developer claims the number of new students are exaggerated (and three new schools will be built in the area to alleviate overcrowding), we cannot rely on the developer’s numbers, the planning for two of the three future schools have been officially delayed, and no decisions have been made about redistricting impacted schools.

Roads: This development will generate 2,773 new daily vehicle trips, with 120 trips during the AM peak hour and 151 trips during the PM peak hour. The intersections of Horner Road and Summerland Drive and Summerland Drive and Prince William Parkway are already operating at “F and the suggested road improvements will only slightly improve the current situation (with the Parkway intersection remaining at an unacceptable service level) .
While the applicant intends to contribute proffers to road improvements, the decision-makers have not come to agreement on a specific plan, e.g., use of a circle, traffic light, and second entrance to the school. The applicant would prefer that we vote on the application before these matters are decided.

Public Safety: The local OWL fire station already handles double the number of incidents per tactical unit recommended. Adding 325 more units to the area will compromise Fire & Rescue’s ability to respond emergencies.

This proposed development will cause more overcrowded classrooms, increased use of school trailers, additional traffic congestion in an area known for a dangerous mix of school students and motorists, and delayed 911 response times. Should the BOCS approve this application?

Participation In Public Hearing, Nov. 20: If you are concerned about this residential application and the negative impacts it represents, please consider speaking at the public hearing. Make your voice heard by speaking for up to three minutes at the Public Hearing scheduled for 7:30pm, Tuesday, November 20th at the McCoart Administration Building, 1 County Complex, Woodbridge, 22192. Please arrive early and sign-up in the board chambers to speak.

Those not able to attend the public hearing may send an email to the entire Board of County Supervisors by emailing

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  1. Betty Forsht

    Jan 06, 2019  at 6:12 pm

    Please Listen to the people who live drive and commute in this area. I have lived here for over 40 years and it has not gotten any better with the new roads, and new building of homes in this area. The county is not able to keep up with the fast track of the people here now, adding new homes is NOT going to help, adding more to the overcrowded roads and schools.
    The developers are self-serving and are not looking to what impact they will have on our schools or roads.
    Why don’t they add an exit from Horner to 95, at their expense and add a new school at their expense, not the taxpayers of Prince William County?
    What about the clean up of the area they are trying to build on that area was once used as a dump site?
    Thank you for your time and truly hope the board will not allow this to happen to the people of Woodbridge.


  2. Anne Johnson

    Feb 28, 2019  at 6:12 pm

    I don’t live in the area that will be affected by this development, but I completely agree with Mr. Principi that the areas surrounding it just cannot absorb the increase in people and cars. Woodbridge and the surrounding areas are already over-developed. Please continue to vote against this Mr. Principi.


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