Public Works, Neighborhood Services,

The goal of the Property Code Enforcement program is to ensure properties in Prince William County are maintained and used in accordance with the County’s land use requirements (“zoning”), and to ensure that structures are well-maintained for the health and safety of residents. Severely deteriorated structures and illegal, temporary advertising signs in the road right-of-way are also handled by Property Code Enforcement.

Common violations investigated are:

  • Junk and trash in the yard and trash containers stored in view
  • Inoperative vehicles and commercial vehicles on private property
  • Illegal accessory structures (sheds, fences, decks, etc.)
  • Tall grass and weeds higher than 12 inches on residential properties

The best approach is to talk to your neighbor and see if you can solve the issue through neighborhood cooperation. HOAs and condo associations have internal resources to handle many of these problems. Otherwise, please check with Neighborhood Services to see if the condition is in violation of the codes. For details of services and common violations, please visit http://www.pwcgov.org/pce. If it is determined that there may be a violation, inspectors will investigate. If violations are not corrected, violators can be involved in a legal proceeding that may include fines and/or an appearance in court.