Public Works, Neighborhood Services, 703-792-7018

Clean Community Council, 703-792-6272

Prince William County staffs litter crews to remove trash, debris and illegal signs from the state right-of-way. The litter crews assist with community clean ups. Dates and locations of clean ups are available at The Prince William Clean Community Council provides litter clean up with volunteer help. The Council supports spring and fall neighborhood clean ups and coordinates Adopt-A-Spot and Adopt-A-Highway programs. Call the Council to volunteer – it’s a good family activity! Please help prevent litter by properly covering your load of refuse so it does not blow or spill out. Realize that when you litter, someone else must clean it up! Littering is a crime and there are several fines that can be assessed for violators. The Prince William County Code describes fines and penalties associated with littering.

Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association has taken a very active role in litter prevention along Route 1.  View the Civic Association tab for more details.