PWC.13thhighschool.renderingClassroom overcrowding in Eastern Prince William County is one of the top concerns that Supervisor Frank Principi hears in meeting with constituents. Ensuring quality education is both the right thing to do for the children of our community, and an investment in the continued economic success of Woodbridge. Supervisor Principi is committed to working with his fellow Board members, the school board, educators and residents to find solutions to the challenge of keeping pace with growth in the face of budget and land availability constraints. (Read about the BOCS approval of a $10 million appropriation for the schools in 2017.) Following are several of the initiatives he supports:

Funding Over And Above The Annual Revenue Sharing Agreement

  • BOCS Funding of School Resource Officers
  • BOCS Funding to Maintain (And Add Turf To Some) School Sports Fields
  • $10 Million Matching Grant Targeting Overcrowded Classrooms (Over 5 Years, $1 Million Annually From Both Boards)
  • $10.6 Million Grant Targeting New School Construction/Property Acquisition

Revenue Sharing Agreement

Sponsored Amendment To RSA Increasing 56.7% Of All Revenues To 57.23% (effectively increasing the BOCS share of the school budget by millions of dollars.)

Residential Development Applications From Developers

As Supervisor, Voted Against Every Residential Development Application In Woodbridge For Past 9 Years To “Catch-Up” On Infrastructure Needs (Roads/Classrooms, 911 Service). One Exception Was a 40-Unit Senior Citizen Home That Was Never Actually Built.