BOCS Request To Homeland Security On 287(g) Program

Prince William County has long cooperated with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the 287 (g) program, turning over for deportation criminal illegal aliens. On Feb. 6, 2017, the Board of County Supervisors wrote to the Department of Homeland Security requesting information on the 7,491 people it transferred to ICE under the program. During a …

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Shape the Future of Transportation: PRTC Survey

Earlier this year Potomac Rappahannock Transportation Commission began work on a Strategic Plan that would help to guide and determine its planning efforts and services over the next decade. As residential and employment growth is expected to continue and as new, non-traditional transportation options become increasingly available PRTC feels the time is right to take …

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Principi Calls for Increased Investment in Schools, Economic Development in Prince William County

Woodbridge Supervisor Frank J. Principi released the following statement regarding Prince William County Executive Christopher Martino’s FY18 Proposed Budget presentation: “While there are many things to be pleased with in the FY18 Proposed Budget, I am concerned that there has not yet been a serious conversation about addressing school overcrowding and reducing the number of …

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10 Ways to Influence Prince William County Policy Decisions


BOCS Contact Info & Meeting Schedule | PWC Facebook Woodbridge District Supervisor Frank Principi regularly hears from constituents who want to help shape the future of our community, but may not know how to start. He put together a list of ways for people to get involved and influence public policy decisions on issues such as transportation and …

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Saying Yes to Smart Growth


I haven’t always been popular with developers. Most of the residential growth–apartments, strip malls, fast–food drive–ins–that you do see along Route 1 is the result of what is known as “stale zoning.” Zoning that was approved, in some cases, decades ago (and didn’t require approval from the current Board of County Supervisors). As for many other development applications, I am known …

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