Strengthening Woodbridge by protecting property values, and investing in parks, schools, libraries, and public safety…


pic9Residential neighborhoods in Woodbridge are wide ranging and diverse. The Woodbridge District contains many of Prince William County’s original neighborhoods, developed in the 1950s and 1960s. As these residents raised their families, they helped build the community we are today. Through the years, more and more residential neighborhoods were established along Route 1, due to our strategic location, proximity to Washington DC, and relatively strong economy.  Yet, some of our neighborhoods are in need of maintenance and revitalization. The key to maintaining quality neighborhoods is renewed investment. In New Woodbridge, residents old and new have access to numerous county programs and processes designed to improve and protect property values.  We have significant investment in public safety, parks, libraries, and schools help keep the quality of our neighborhoods.

Additionally, there are many private sector community development projects underway, such as: the George Mason University Potomac Science Center, the Workforce Development Center at Northern Virginia Community College, the Grubb’s Environmental Center at the Mooney Water Reclamation Facility, and the new surgery center at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center.

Neighborhood Initiatives:



Property Code Enforcement

Keep Prince William Beautiful

OWL Volunteer Fire Department

Dumfries-Triangle Volunteer Fire Department

Veterans Park